The cycle of repeated incarceration has long been a problem in Tulsa County

Those who have come into contact with the justice system often feel trapped by the slew of associated costs, complexities, and barriers that could discourage successful progress through the system and follow them for the rest of their lives.

In a landscape where resources have historically been difficult to access, JusticeLink was founded to provide voluntary, safe and reliable help to those seeking a way out of this needlessly punitive cycle.

We focus on providing court and resource navigation

Court Navigators

While Court Navigators aren’t attorney’s and cannot provide legal advice, they can help clients understand pending court and probation obligations, where and when court dates are set, and obtain transportation to court in an effort to avoid escalation through the system.

Resource Navigators

Our resource navigators assess client needs and facilitate connections to life-stabilizing services in an effort to maintain court compliance and develop pathways to achieve personal goals.

Our Service Connections

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Mental Health
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Substance Use Treatment

Service Eligibility

We extend our services to:

  • Individuals released from the Tulsa County jail for any reason within the last 90 days
  • Individuals released from Tulsa County jail on pre-trial bond, including people being released both with and without bond conditions
  • Individuals with (or at risk of) post plea technical violations, or people for whom a bench warrant for arrest is imminent because of a failure to comply with court orders/conditions or risk of violating probation, including individuals on Cost Docket
If you have questions on whether you are eligible for our services, please reach us at 918-954-1300

Our step-by-step process

JusticeLink is prepared to diligently serve our clients until their court and resource needs have been fully met.


Reach out to JusticeLink

Justice-involved individual makes contact with us, we confirm eligibility, and they consent to receive services.


Beginning of JusticeLink relationship

Individual gains a team of champions supporting them and providing consistent, individualized, person-centered support


Regular appointments with JusticeLink staff and partners

  • Court Navigator works with the individual to maintain or regain court compliance
  • Resource Navigator facilitates access to basic needs via direct or referral-based services
  • Over time, with support, the client becomes stable, independent, and prepared to thrive.

Ongoing support until court and resource needs are met

When individuals’ basic needs and court involvement are resolved, the individual completes JusticeLink services.

Our guiding principles:


Eliminate barriers to economic opportunity for Oklahomans impacted by the criminal legal system.


Focus on people and communities most impacted by the system.


Address inequities rooted in systemic racism.


Activate community-centered approaches.


Measure, learn, share, and improve the work consistently.


Drive towards scalable and sustainable solutions.

Get in touch

You can reach JusticeLink by phone, email, or by visiting us at our physical location in downtown Tulsa.